Why Proactive?

Servers, computers and networks need maintenance too. Like cars; computers change when interacting with us and the programs they run.

With such changes happening all the time do you have plans for such responsibilities below?

All these issues are critical and deserve plans of action. Most small businesses don't even know how long they should be down during events such as a hard drive failure.

Did you know most businesses already own software that could be deployed to give reports on such items above? Let us help you develope plans and extend them to include:

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Reactive vs Proactive Comparison

Services Description Reactive
Standard Hourly Rates
Discounted Rates & Faster Response Times
Remote Monitoring
  1. Server stability and performance
  2. Virus attacks and update problems
  3. Data backups and disk utilization
Not Included
Realtime Alerts of Network Events Not Included Included
Remote Phone Support Not Included
Regular Hourly Rate
By Appointment Only
Discounted Rate
First in Line
Off-site Backup Pickup / Auditing Regular Hourly Rate Discounted Rate
Regular Hourly On-Site Rate $109 hr. - 1 Hour Min.
Response Time:
24 - 48 HRS
Consulting at $129 hr.
Discounted Rates
First in Line
Discounted Rate
Emergency Response Time & Fees (Same Day Service / After Hours) 6 - 24 hours; Regular Emergency Rate 3 hours or less;
Discounted Emergency Rate
Live Support Response Time (Remote Assistance) 24 Hour Lead Time Regular Rates Apply 3 hours or less
Discounted Rate
Dedicated Account Support Tech Not Included Included
Semi-Annual CTO sessions Not Included Included
Network Documentation Not Included Included
Intelligent Remote Patch Mgmt. Not Included Included
Executive Summary Monthly Report/Check-up Not Included Included
Software Deployment and Updates Not Included Included
Online Custom Client Portal & Ticketing Not Included Included
Hardware Asset Tracking Not Included Included
Software License Tracking Not Included Included
Installation of Replacement HW and SW Standard Rate Discounted Rate
Network Assest Tracking Not Included Included
Smart Phone Monitoring
  1. Firmware/Software Updates
  2. Management / Setup
  3. Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
Not Included;
Per user per month
charges - Software may be required.

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